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Oxygen Sensor
Ultrasound Transducer
Breathing Circuits
Pulse oximeter probes (Spo2)
Pulse oximeter extension adaptor cables
ECG/EKG Recorder Cables
ECG Monitoring Cables
NIBP Cuffs & Hoses
ECG Accessories
ECG Leads
IBP Cables
Electro Surgical Accessories
Medical Grade Raw Cables
Texas Instrument modules(TI)

Biometric Cables is committed to helping our customers achieve success by providing the best manufacturing and engineering expertise available.We strive to continually improve the effectiveness of our Business Management Systems in order to fulfill our quality objectives and assist our customers in meeting theirs.

Our main products are Ultrasound Transducers,Breathing circuits,ECG/EKG cables & leadwire; pulse oximeter sensors & extension cables, Esu accessories, Temperature probes, NIBP cuffs and connectors


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